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Welcome to Frugal Fred's Northwest Trading Post.

We have gone to the trouble of finding the Pacific Northwest's finest products and offer them to you on a website that is simultaneously fast and friendly, safe and secure and just a little bit out of kilter.

I made a list of all the things that I wanted in the website and created it just for you.
Enjoy your visit, check the recipes and leave one of your favorites behind to share.

Comments are always gladly accepted and nobody leaves the table hungry.

User Fredley - What is User Fredley? Attitude with a smile. This is the outcome of applying a set of rules that Fred devised for keeping his website easy to use for folks just like him. He took all the things he did not like about internet shopping via his limited modem connection and combined that with all the things he really wanted to see in a website.

The four �f� words. FAST, FRIENDLY, FRUGAL and FABULOUS. We offer unique products 4 up to 20% off MSRP everyday. We speak Fred�ese not legalese. The owner may answer the phone!

World Class suppliers! Innovative products! Things you didn�t even know existed.

The Difference - If you still can�t quite put your finger on what is different here, it has more to do with our attitude and less to do with content. We treat you as a person as opposed to a customer. You will spend your money where you please and we want to make it pleasant here. I suspect you, like me, are looking for things you will really use and not just �shopping�.

It�s about the quality of life so we will offer recipes and interviews, feedback and comment areas: a genuine opportunity to participate and build a community.

We have a different way here in the Northwest. More personal, self-reliant and earth friendly. We hope our site is so full of information, humor and fascinating links that you visit just for fun. Your feedback and participation are always encouraged and will spawn new features as they form organically. Welcome to Fredericksburg!

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