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Hard sole Moccasins size 10/11 Elk Uppers FREE SHIPPING


Light buckskin colored moccasins with a hard sole. The sole is cut in what is called a shovel toe pattern, which means it is rounded and is neither right nor left but both. When they become a bit worn from wearing them one way, you just switch feet and wear them on the other way... whenever that is. very much a traditional style. One of the very first moccasins I ever saw was in a museum and was remarkable for this feature.

Let me talk about the hard sole for a moment. You will need to get these wet. Maybe for several hours and then put them on and wear them until they dry out. This is easily done in a warm house where there is warm carpet. This will take the better part of a day, but by the end of that time, they will be custom fit to your feet and your feet only.

General info about hard soles
In the classic tradition you have a combination moccasin where the soul is rawhide and the uppers are tanned leather. This has advantages and disadvantages. The rawhide is extremely durable, and almost impossible to puncture earning it the name of hard sole. When I make a pair of these I must first soaks the rawhide for several hours so that it becomes supple and relaxed and I can apply the pattern to it and cut it out. Then it must be sewn it up while it is still damp. It is best if the owner starts wearing it right then and keeps them on until they are dry, well, they never really get dry. Just like that classic tradition that I alluded to, these moccasins are typically worn every day and never really get the chance to dry out. Therefore they maintain their flexibility and comfort. Were you to not wear them for a couple of days they would dry out and you would have to start the process all over again. Given enough time and wear, sweat and oils off your feet, oily soil and grasses, asphalt etc. the rawhide will become 'tanned' and remain relatively supple.

As if that weren't bad enough, then you have to contend with the slippery slide factor. If you have ever been bowling you would appreciate how much glide these moccasins have. Proper construction dictates that you put the skins side of the rawhide out, which makes it very slippery. I have watched my brother and son slide around in this type of moccasin on dried grass. I would not recommend these for casual slippers. You really have to have a personal relationship with these kind of moccasins.

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