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Shipping & Returns

Order processing and shipping - Welcome to the digital age! Most of your orders will be processed automatically and the shipper will receive instructions without anyone, except you, touching a keypad. Likewise, the invoice will be filled and shipped on the first business day of that supplier and a shipment notice will be automatically generated and sent to your address.

Orders that are so special they require contacting our friendly phone staff will be handled the same speedy way, with a few key strokes and maybe a joke and the local weather report.

Returns and Refunds - In order to save you money, Fredís uses suppliers that ship directly to the customer and we maintain no inventory or for that matter facilities to make shipments. All returns and refunds will be as per the individual suppliers policy and arrangements can be made with them thru the links provided. We select only established, proven vendors with exceptional policies and will act as an advocate for the customer should the need arise.

Availability - We are a fledgling marketing enterprise that relies on other small regional suppliers with limited expansion capabilities. What that means to you in plain English is we are going to try and market only as much as is reasonable for our suppliers to provide while maintaining quality. There will come a time when items become so popular we will have to remove them from the usual location and place them under the Precious Fredís tab where the limited and seasonal items are found. If you canít find a past favorite item, look there.

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